About Westbrook Strategies


Westbrook Strategies is an interpersonal communications consulting firm.

(Yeah, we know. That's a mouthful!)  So, what does that mean, exactly?

We help people by providing practical, unpretentious tips and tricks for communicating with confidence.

Think of it this way: you know how a personal trainer provides clients with techniques for improving physical fitness? Sometimes there's a specific goal, other times the client just wants a general overview so they can hit the ground running on their own. The client may meet with the trainer once, or regularly over the course of many months.  

Imagine there was someone who did what a personal trainer does for physical fitness, but for social skills. That's us! 

Whether we're helping a client prepare for an interview, a big speech, a presentation at work, a first date, or the kind of small talk that happens on a day-to-day basis, we love empowering people to be successful in the conversations that matter the most. 

Since the company was started in 2007, Westbrook Strategies has served over 450 awesome clients across the world.



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